Dear clients, we welcome you to our Terms and Conditions page. Please read the page carefully as it regulates the relationship between you and IPackage. We apply the conditions outlined below when you book your accommodation or flight tickets or any other service even it was one or more services.
You must at least be 18 years of age and you possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation. You must have full legal responsibility to enter this agreement and use this website according to the terms and conditions outlined in the list below. You also agree that you bear the full responsibility legally and financially when you use the website (Except when your account is used by other parties including the minors in your household). You agree to supervising and bearing the full responsibility of all the users of the website who use it under your name or account. You also assure to ensure the accuracy, rightness and completeness of all information and data provided by you or your family members when using this website. When using the website, you assure that you will not use the website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. You also agree to all applicable local laws and regulations. You are only responsible for all actions or omissions that occur in your account or password, including the content of your submissions. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from or transmitted from the website or sell any information, software or services obtained through the Ipackage website. You understand that any trademarks, logos or designs are the only property of the company and cannot be used without prior written consent. If you use this site in any way not supported by us, we will consider this a criminal offense and will claim you for damages.
1- You must make sure that all the names of the passengers in the booking are correct and that each name is written in the designated field. In case the name was spelled incorrectly or differently than how it’s written in the passport, the client is then obligated to pay additional fees to amend the name in the case that he requested the amendment. When you complete the payment process, a voucher will be issued documented with IPackage booking reference number and then the booking is considered valid and confirmed. 2- Technical issues may occur sometimes resulting in the failed delivery of the invoice while deducting the booking amount, and here the client must call the customer services before he tries to make another booking. In case that happened, IPackage isn’t responsible for the duplication of the booking and the client bears the financial responsibility. In case of cancellation, the cancellation policies for this booking are applied. 3- IPackage reserves the right to reject any booking. The company could also add fees on the bookings that are made through the customer services. 4- IPackage reserves the right to cancel any booking in the case that an incorrect price was displayed due to the fact that prices are always updated. The company also reserves the right to cancel any duplicated unpaid booking except what the client has been notified. 5-All cancellation requests will incur service fees from IPackage addition to the supplier penalty.
IPackage recommends that all clients should make sure that all their accompanying travelers have valid passports and obtained the required visa for their destination, the required vaccinations and the required insurance documents to enter their destinations. The client should also note that some countries require filling a transit visa form or paying fees to cross to the destination country. IPackage isn’t responsible for obtaining the visa for the client and the responsibility falls completely on the client’s side. Usually obtaining a visa takes some time and thus, the client should apply for the visa before the traveling date with a sufficient period of time. IPackage recommends that all clients should confirm with the destination country’s embassy or consulate that they have valid passports and obtained the required visa for their destination. The company won’t be held responsible if you or any of the accompanying travelers don't have a valid visa or passport or the required vaccinations.
If the booking details weren’t correct, IPackage has the right to check the information and cancel the booking. The company also reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights and in this case, additional fees may befall the client to compensate for the financial losses which include legal fees, direct and indirect damages which are caused by booking cancellation or bank account freezing.
Price quotations and changes in prices: 1- IPackage price quotes and fixed rates depend on the suppliers. If the prices or rates differed from the advertised rates, IPackage notifies the clients of any modifications and the client can either accept the new price or cancel the booking without any additional fees. 2- Any promotion published doesn’t apply to bookings that have already been made. IPackage reserves the right to modify prices for the required service due to exchange rates and taxes or any other reason. IPackage isn’t responsible in any case for any changes that might occur due to exchanging rates or upon demand from the supplier. 3- Therefore, the offered prices may be suitable during the period of your search and booked. These rates may change before the date of travel or after accommodation according to the implications of the supplier. Some services have the same price but with different policy. All prices subject to availability and can be withdrawn or changed without notice.
Some hotels may not agree to make a refund for the remaining amount of unused nights due to the high season period or the hotel's occupancy rate is high. The same applies to no-show policy. The remaining amount could be refunded or deducted the full amount. Check-in and check-out policy follows the supplier’s policy noting that any requests that aren’t listed in the policy depends on the hotel’s availability such as early check-in, late check-out, adjacent rooms, higher-floors rooms, non-smoking rooms. All that is done directly through the hotel and the company doesn’t have the right to guarantee performing those requests. City tax: some hotels might impose additional fees for some cities which can be paid to the hotel directly or to the government. Changing guest names: Some hotels do not accept changing names and some are accepted 48 days prior to arrival (depend entirely on hotel policy of acceptance and rejection) and is not in violation of hotel policy. Amendment Policy: The supplier may ask you to pay an additional modification fee. These fees vary depending on the type of service requested, when requesting a room modification (single to double or change the time and date, add a note on booking) . When extending your booking, advises you to make a new booking and issue a new invoice. Cancellation Policy is subject to separate provider rules, restrictions and cancellation fees charged by the supplier. Requests to cancel or change a reservation must be made by the customer through the website to access your account and request to cancel the reservation or through customer service. Room Upgrade: Travelers can upgrade their contracted rooms through and pay the room difference prior to the above mentioned date within the supplier's terms with availability, as does not guarantee that rooms will be upgraded upon arrival at the hotel. Upgrade in the hotel Payment is made to the hotel directly. In the case of confirmation of non-refundable bookings, the Client shall not be entitled to claim them with the payment except in force majeure. And the approval of the refund is conditional on the supplier's consent and acceptance of the refund Please note that if the site does not accept modification or cancellation, please contact customer service to complete the procedure.
Early check-out: Some hotels might not agree to refund the rest of the amount for the unused nights due to high seasons or high demand. This policy also applies to no-shows, the hotel then decides the imposed fees and whether to deduct a partial amount or the whole amount. Changing occupant's names: some hotels accept changing occupants’ names while others don’t. Amendment policy: In case a booking should be amended, the supplier might request paying fees for amending the booking, the amount of fees differ according to the service. If the client asked to change the room (from single to double) or to change the check-in time and date or any other note, customer service should be contacted. IPackage also recommends that when the client extends his stay, a new bill should be issued. Cancellation policy: Cancellation policy is subject to the rules and restrictions applied by the supplier and it has separate fees imposed by the supplier. The client should cancel his booking from the website by logging in to his account and requesting to cancel the booking or by calling the customer service. Room upgrade: The clients can upgrade the rooms they selected with and pay the difference in price before a certain period of time determined by the supplier. The ability to upgrade is subject to availability and the company doesn’t guarantee that the upgrade will happen upon arriving in the hotel. In this case, payment should be made to the hotel directly. The client doesn’t have the right to claim a refund for non-refundable bookings unless he was under dire circumstances. The refund is subject to the supplier’s approval. We would like to notify you that in case the website rejected the amendment or the cancellation, you should call the customer service to complete the procedure.
The supplier may have to cancel your reservation due to the hotel overbooking, technical issues with the system, or being under the government’s control to be used for Force Majeure actions such as fires. In these cases, IPackage will do everything it can to provide accommodation in a hotel in the same class and location.
  1. We would like to notify you that prices and services vary according to the flight class (first, business, economy) you can choose the preferred class from
  2. In case there was a conflict between the carrier’s conditions and conditions, the carrier’s policy applies.
  3. Amendment and cancellation policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier including partial and full refund.
  4. Name change: You can’t change or edit the name after the booking is confirmed, In case you wanted to change the name after the booking is confirmed, you have to make a new booking and pay the difference in price.
  5. Partial use of the ticket: If the client used one part of a two way ticket and asked to refund the unused ticket, the refund is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier.
  6. In case the tickets were misused, the client doesn’t have the right to claim a refund.
  1. Modifying the flights timetable depends entirely on the terms and conditions outlined by the airline where cancellation of the trip or modifying the trip’s date is concerned. You will be notified in one of the methods of communications outlined in your booking, you’ll also be provided with alternative solutions or the ability to refund your money in case the airline allowed it.
  2. In case the client didn’t see notification, isn’t held responsible and the client doesn’t have the right to claim any reimbursements.
Some suppliers might impose special rules in their policies, we strongly advise that the client reads these rules before booking.
You can book using our Visa and MasterCar. Our order history and payment processes are kept and you can view them in a profile. We do not have any electronic department within the sites you will pay through Visa or Master Card every time you make a booking.
Policy of some offers is mentioned in the details of the offer. Differences in the refund policy reserved for certain offers will be followed by a specific period of time in which you can cancel the request and retrieve your money or use the money paid in another offer (These details are described in the offer)
IPackage always seeks the customer's satisfaction and if the client had any complaint, IPackage will spare no effort to solve it. The client must submit his complaint to the email or leave a message on social media, and will contact the client at once. The complaint must be submitted by the person who was hurt personally or an authorized person, providing that the complaint should be attached with the booking reference number and supported by evidence and proof and all the data that concerns the complaint. Otherwise, the complaint will be disregarded. IPackage has the right to refuse handling a complaint if it wasn’t supported by proof, and claim financial reimbursement.
When booking or registering on our website, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your data or others to help you with your experience. All credit / debit card and PIN information will not be stored, sold, shared or leased to third parties.
When booking or registering on our website, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your data or others to help you with your experience. All credit / debit card and PIN information will not be stored, sold, shared or leased to third parties.
IPackage wishes happy trips to all our clients, but kindly note that; first and foremost, you’re responsible for your actions and the consequences that might result from it. If the company decided that your behavior could affect its employees, agents or suppliers, your booking might be cancelled and you’ll be asked to leave your accommodation on your own expense.
IPackage has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notification, and the new conditions will be applied as soon as it’s published. Knowing that it’ll be applied retroactively on the bookings already made. Continuing using the site means that you agree to the terms and conditions.
1- IPackage offers terms & conditions are subject to booking terms & conditions except refunds. The offer amount is not refundable no matter what terms & conditions the offer's amount has been used. Each offer is subject to the provisions of each advertisement. 2- If you do not know the terms of the offer, you must contact us in advance before booking. The value of the offer cannot be fully compensated if payment is made. 3- IPackage has the right to stop or suspend offers without prior notice. 4- Offer combination is not allowed Coupon is one time use only and it's not valid for next booking. 5- All the discounts (Coupon/Credit Card discount) will be deducted from cancellation amount for Full/Partial cancellation for All Ipackage products.
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