Yes, you can call us at + 966540400513 (mobile number) and our customer service representatives will be waiting to assist you.
To view your reservations, we recommend visiting "My Account" section using your login ID and password.
When you finish your reservation, you cannot make any changes online. So, you can contact us to help you more.
Yes of course you can. During booking, please add the name of the traveler to the "traveler Data" text box.
It's so simple! All you need to do is enter your email address, name and ph1 number. Your account will be registered automatically, and you can later edit your profile by adding your address, the details of the travelers accompanying you and much more.
After registering an account on the site you will be able to check the date of reservations, cancel reservations, print coupons, send emails, communicate with company departments, request changes in reservations, etc.
You may be able to extend your stay if you want, but this should be done with us and with the hotel. Because we negotiated with the hotel and received special cost per hotel for your accommodation, you may not be in the same room if you have extended your stay. The best advice in this case is to communicate with us, we can negotiate with them to get the best pay and change your travel plan according to your new situation.
While booking, you will find a text box where you can include any special requirements such as early check-in, late check-out, non-smoking room and bed type (single or double). Special requirements depend on availability and cannot be confirmed on time.
You can book up to six rooms in one reservation.
Yes you can check out before the scheduled date, but this may incur a cancellation fee that may be included in the hotel policy.
During booking, you will be able to view all the inclusions and exclusions items , such as meals and more. Many hotels offer different prices for room bookings and breakfast supplement. Just choose what suits you and submit it.
Visit the "Membership" section, check the booking details and then review the cancellation policy before the cancellation request. The customer service will cancel the booking within 72 hours of the request.
This varies from hotel to hotel, and you are usually informed of the cancellation policy at the hotel upon booking.
Arrival time varies depending on the airline, airport, departure and destination. But there are some general guidelines: International flights: Make travel arrangements at least three hours before departure. European flights: Make travel arrangements at least two hours before departure. Domestic flights: make the travel Procedures takes before the flight an hour and a half. Make a confirmation of the flight via the Internet if possible not to waste time. Make sure you get to the airport hall before the plane takes off in sufficient time (at least an hour) to avoid traffic jams and security checks. Remember that the security of the airport is accurate and the inspection may take a lot of time to reach the departure gate and some airports are so large that the time it takes to reach the gate can be up to 20 minutes.
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